ASP .Net is an open source server side running web application framework which will generate dynamic web pages. Many dynamic websites are created by the programmers. Using .Net languages the programmers can write ASP.NET code.

ASP is an official application development programs contain static (X)HTML markup language. The dynamic program running in the server side can be placed in a page within a block which is similar to the other web development technologies. Active Server page .NET is developed by Microsoft and used to create layers of web pages and web technologies. ASP.NET is an important and valuable factors to the programmers as it allows the programmers to create rich web pages with web application using languages like C#, J# and Visual Basic.

Based on the action of the user the code is allowed to run on the server side and the result is sent to the user’s web browser. Most of the activity done on the design view page so it reduces the code requirement. The Application are safe and secure because of built in windows authentication and pre application configuration. ASP.NET provides early binding, just-in-time compiler as it is used for parsing the low level language into high level language, native optimization and caching services. It has the rich and lengthy list of toolbox for every field and design and support drag and drop option. The source code plus HTML are together make the ASP.NET pages for easy maintenance and to write or rewrite. Easy to use with ADO.NET and run fast to counter large number of users. Most of the Clients prefer ASP.NET instead of other languages because of its level of class of creating web pages and web technologies.