Domain Expertise


A Smarter way to leverage Information

Our domain expertise helps you to access all knowledge within an organization from one team to other. We will feed valuable information in all the aspects of INDGLOBAL whether it may be team, project,communication or information you will recieve quality work and information from our work and the knowledge regarding the domain will updated to you on every respective intervals to make sure that your website is working fine so long. Hereafter we will be giving the full safety of website by not forming any duplication of your effort and your unique business or service. Your business information kept confidential by our team and by our management.

Three skills required to be a expertise of your domain knowledge

  1. Controlling Word CountWe will use the quality work to be done and avoid using unrelevant content and information as the relevant business information only brings success to the business. The success of your business lies in the user benefits. Both the facors are directly proportional to each other and brings the exponential graph to your business. The documentation, installation and implementaion done in a systematic way to complete the work in a given time zone limit and make use of all the resources provided in the work environment.
  2. Inverted Pyramid WorkThis logic applies in many ways and have you remember the journalism 101 which refers the inverted pyramid which represent the work should be done on accordance of the customer needs not the creator needs this thought witll take to the final outcome of your project and make it into success. It takes 10 mins to write one page but the information is worth and if you give the information what the customer wants then you are the unique service provider among all those in online business.
  3. Technical WorkBring out some informal work calling the readers as “you” make them to involve in the writen document. Use present situation in the present work. Use of active voice like ask the reader to do in the website for an example clicking a button will fetch the customer needs make the customer keen to know what will happen if the window is open so that the information they getting should be worth full.