dot net


.NET Framework includes a large library and provides language interoperability. It is a software program run on common language runtime. Many softwares produced by collaborating their source code with the .NET framework and other libraries. .NET frameworks conform common language infrastructure specification by supporting the exchange of types and objects instances between libraries and applications written using any .NET languages. It support security requirements as it does not make any changes in the previously installed software and overcome the problem of buffer overflows and provides a security model for all the applications program. High Portability accepted in .NET because of common language infrastructure.

The Framework is highly compatible in nature and extensible in features. And have many advantages:

1) Consistent programming model
2) Direct Support for Security
3) Simplified Development efforts
4) Easy application deployment and Maintenance
5) Assemblies

The code required for programming is very low to produce large we application in .NET framework. Windows confirmation allows web applications developed in ASP.Net are secure. Drag and Drop functionality is used in .Net frameworks. HTML code and source code are separated so it is easy to change the code at anytime. Its a server side running application so we can run and see before it is directed to web browser. It is Language independent application development program. Visual Developer IDE also used for the development as we have sufficient back-up of development. This programming language allows the programmers to get the benefits of its creative and dynamic characteristics in the layer of already coded page, also make use of code to create different programming language.