HTML 5 used to show the content of the website page and additional features form creation make the user to communicate with the website owner or service provider to seek the service and after using the service the user can post or give their feedback with additional features extended by HTML. Now 5th revision of HTML has came in online marketing to fulfill the requirements of the end user of the service. The main role of HTML 5 is to add the multimedia, Graphical icons and easily understandable by the users. It is an extraordinary attempt to write the web document in either by HTML or XHTML. It also become a cross platform for the mobile application and its potential is very much rich to extend so many application out of it. Many Online login pages like its support the validation control for user authentification. So many App and Game has bee created by HTML 5 due to its advanced standard and extended key features. HTML 5 allows character entities to encode special characters and display. It made enormous invention in javascript and CSS to make a full fledged web app and websites. HTML 5 do not want any permission of smartphone manufactures to get in their web store. 79% of web market consist of HTML video since it is widely compatible.

Advantages of HTML

  • HTML is easy to write and execute and it is easy to understand.
  • HTML is supported by all browsers.
  • HTML and XHTML is almost very similar to implement.
  • HTML is free to encode.
  • All the Devlopment tool support HTML.
  • HTML is SEO friendly.
  • HTML allows easy modification of code.
  • HTML embed video and audio files.
  • HTML is an improved code to program.
  • HTML has improved semantics, Elegant forms and Consistency.

HTML 5 is famous nowadays because of its geolocation features, with the help of geolocation we can trace or point out the information of people at any place. HTML 5 geolocation make the location available in the HTML 5 compatible browser based application whether it may be generated by GPS or any other method of generating technique.