Joomla is built on model view controller web application framework and we all know it is child of open source content management framework. Joomla can be mark down into PHP, object oriented programming and software design patterns.Database is stored in My SQL or MS SQL and support RSS feeds, cache,printed version of the website pages, flash, blogs, search option etc.It is widely used content management system in the world for creating the user interactive website for the business.

Latest Version of Joomla is released recently which resolves the 100 errors of past version by Joomla volunteers. Joomla is like a boon which flexible to adapt the changes according to the client’s requirements.

Joomla review the important features as it have the user management system through we can administrate, edit, publish and access the information. MIME type setting is available to drag and drop the ojects in the websites. Multiple languages is allowed in joomla inorder to admin in another language in rare case. Built in Banner management is available for the campaign. We can use multi contact list inside the content management system. Poll is introduced to search more number of users. Many items and objects can be searchable due to joomla. It support template, help desk, web services. Joomla is more powerful as we all know because of extensible features.


Most of them prefer Joomla because of many advantages and they are:

  • Joomla is easy to install
  • Joomla supports Plugins,Programmer tools
  • Navigation management
  • Advanced administration