People prefer PHP on HTML because of its familiar features with HTML. You can add the PHP code inside the body tag of the HTML code. Since they both are interchangeable in the page so php add some extra features to your websites. It has functionality allows your visitors to interact with you. Enlarge the functionality like shopping cart. Another one important aspects is PHP is easy to learn. Knowing the basics you can make a big website by searching related codes available in the internet.

Fast load time, less expensive software, less expensive hosting, database flexibility, Increased available programming talent making the php more popular in the website creation.


  • php is an open source and free to use and most of the associative software’s like MySQL, Text Editors and Apache Server are also freely available and less cost.
  • Php run on any platform and deploy the functionality on several operating system. It support all web servers like Apache, IIS, iPlanet etc.
  • Several web task can be easily set into work using php. Php is like a great power to promote the small business into a large and wide range of business.
  • Php gives more comfortableness and increase the traffic flow to the website than other languages like C,C++, ASP.Net etc.
  • PHP is quick to access because of GET and POST method.
  • The source code of php can be modified to include custom created extensions and components thereby increasing its extensible.
  • Php is highly secured and prevent malicious attacks.
  • Php make it easy for accessing other tools like google maps and any other app.

PHP is the popular web development language currently. It is accepted widely supported, popular, and pretty. Job security, stability is the important criteria why the php is undoubtedly popular. Many functions and features is going to come on php language as it is highly extensible in nature. Php is uded for web development as well as used as a general purpose programming language. Php mixed with HTML to produce to make a combination with various template engines and web frameworks. Php alone can be used as a standalone graphical applications.