WordPress is the simple blogging instrument to create new page and blog the content related to the website and it is a content management system. It comes with addition feature like plugins, templates, sliders, widgets, menus and themes. The themes system is very pleasant and attractive in wordpress. More than 60 million websites using wordpress website for their online business to make the traffic flow to the website and the wordpress software have been downloaded more than 20 million times.

Features of WordPress:

  • Themes: Themes make the new look of the website and it can be customized according to the client requirement.
  • Plugins: The Plugins is the trophy to the wordpress website as it allows the user to extend the hallmark website abilities to appear beyond the core installation.
  • Multi-user and Multi-blogging: WordPress support multi blogging characteristics which can be controlled by a single dashboard.
  • SEO Friendly: We can post multiple categories of articles in wordpress website and tagging also available inside the post, giving link to the specific content is done in wordpress inoder to support SEO.

Advantages of WordPress:

WordPress is very easy to use, modify and update since the blogging is done in the dashboard with the admin login and all the category is alligned neatly in the left of the dashboard so there is no word for any confusion in searching any menus. The content can be updated and added daily by creating new pages with adding images or videos related to the business. The link can be provided by using basic html code. Creating new page do not require any hrml editing software or any FTP software as it is self contained system of blogging. Search engine is naive of wordpress website for crawling the unique content in the website. Customization can be done in all the direction in wordpress website. WordPress website can increase the funtionality of the website using pluginds trophy. WordPress website will become a boon to your business growth. Increas the chances of users in wordpress.